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What are you talking about? I've never even heard of a black gangster. Gang member, yeah, but not a gansgter. Gangster's, the real ones, are hardcore Italian.
wannabe: "Yo, sup, man, why you gettin all in my crib and face, dawg?!"

gangster: "I prefer that you speak english if you do not want me and my boys to see that you are "six feet under" very soon."

wannabe: "Whatchyo talking about, foo! That be some tight sheet!"

gangster: "very well. you have made your choice. I shall see that you get a proper funeral with the fish, so that you do not disturb me any longer."
(shoots him with a machine gun)
by Jeremy March 06, 2005
A person who is looked down upon for their crimes if they are African American and admired for their crimes if they are Italian
There are no "real" gangsters. Crime is bad either way
by Kamete December 11, 2006

btw im gangster
fags in the pics......
by john doe March 12, 2005
Of early 1900's decent, A Gangster-is an Italian, Irish,or Russian decent of european persons that use extortion, murder, prostitution and the sale of illegal substances in order to create wealth and power.
(not african american urban pop culture)
The sicilian mob are gangsters.
by BIG PAC October 05, 2005
A man of underworld power like Al Capone, usually noted for being italian or associated with the early to mid 1900s. Not like those fag rapper wannabes who claim they're gangsters because they know how to shoot a gun or sell small-time drugs like weed. You know someone isn't a gangster when they run around calling themselves one. BTW none of them were black, so WTF r u on?
Al Capone, Frank Costello, Big Jim Colosimo, Johnny Torrio, Frankie Yale. Those men were real gangsters. True OG's not those compton posers.
by Frankie Caps July 27, 2006
something many people wish they were, but are npt. There are very few gangstes in this world if you think about. The morons who litsen to 50 cent and eminem and only shop at phat farm rockaware sean jean and ecko should get a life. If you live in an area other then a poor area and think your ghetto because youre black or puerto rican youre not. End of story
asshole: OMG IM LYK SOOO GANGSTER *listens to eminem*
me: get a life asshole...
by Arielthealien September 10, 2005
Fucking retards that always have their pants down to their knees and listen to R.A.P. or Retards Attempting Poetry. They steal cars and hit people with baseball bats and always carry guns and have stupid slut girlfriends who have big asses and who live in a dead guys house and say yo ma dawg im in ferth grade and im 18 and i like to kill people and steal dem carz wit a gun on the west sieeed and then marrrrry a hukker. All of the female rapeoples are stupid talentless hos and the male ones have vaginas. And Usher is a fucking fag who keeps "singing" about some dumb slut who dumped him like 30 years ago. They always insist on having neon lights and hydraulics on their "pimped out" vehicles which always have some faggy decals that look like they ran over an ink bottle. FuCK d3M GaNg5t3rz
McDonalds Gangster Commercial.. "Do u hopes to be getting a big ass meal at a fly price? well now u and ur posse can be snackin for under 7 dollars. no shit! Mcdonalds presents the big mother fucker. Get the big mother with a bottle of Colt .45, Chit-lins, pigs feet on a cornbread biscuit with a big ass bucket of gravy. dis shit be cheaper than 2 hits of crack. and so good you be saying shit dawg. did somebody be sayin' McDonalds? You damn right. McDonalds we loves it when u be smiling!"
by Fat tits fart August 10, 2005
Neither an idiotic 50 Cent clone or a romantic Italian who shows respect to all and cleverly conceals a calculating nature.

In truth, the majority of "gangsters" ie; those involved with gangs and organised crime, are ruthless murderers who kill, steal, extort, and manipulate solely to benefit financially and to increase their power and influence.

While "The Godfather", both Mario Puzo's seminal work and the movie, are great examples of 20th century fiction, they are not to be taken as an instructional manual on the behaviour of criminal gangs.

Similiarly, rap albums, and the behaviour of the artists who make them, along with that of their fans, is not an indication of the behaviour of so-called "gangsters". Rather, it is a sad indication of the decline in socially acceptable behaviour amongst youth, pre-dominantly those of African origin. Many feel that their behaviour is an affront to those who died to give them the civil liberties they squander today.
50 Cent is not a gangster, he is an idiot.

Real gangsters don't act like Vito Corleone.
by chainsoar July 21, 2008