What are you talking about? I've never even heard of a black gangster. Gang member, yeah, but not a gansgter. Gangster's, the real ones, are hardcore Italian.
wannabe: "Yo, sup, man, why you gettin all in my crib and face, dawg?!"

gangster: "I prefer that you speak english if you do not want me and my boys to see that you are "six feet under" very soon."

wannabe: "Whatchyo talking about, foo! That be some tight sheet!"

gangster: "very well. you have made your choice. I shall see that you get a proper funeral with the fish, so that you do not disturb me any longer."
(shoots him with a machine gun)
by Jeremy March 06, 2005
Some complete dumbass who thinks they're cool. Period.

They usually think of themselves as "bad asses", whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, and want more "respect" then they think they're going to give.
They also seem to have many speech impediments, being unable to say simple words and phrases. If I may:

you= "ya"
hey= "yo"
what's up(?)= "wuzzup"
fool-= "foo'"

Various letter mixtures that aren't even words:

Some see it fit to wear winter hats all year long, and very shinny jewelry that is excessively large, usually featuring a word used in the wrong context. For example:

"Easy"- Easy to seduce, I'd imagine...

That's really the only one I can think of, but you get the idea.
Who bothers with "gangsters"?
by minari-naga March 14, 2005
An organized group of criminals or disorderly young people.Informal a group of people who regularly meet and do things together.A set of switches, sockets, or other devices grouped together.
Their are many gang members in our world...
by Lori Inthisone May 28, 2004
1.A person who thinks he's cool by saying he's a "gangster"
2.A person who is a big loner who wants to be called "gangster"
3.A black person who dresses really "cool"
4.A dumbass asian who is clueless and wants to be "cool"
Jason Chu:Yess im a gangster, i am so hardcore.
by Potaetoes Ma March 15, 2006
actually the ancient romans had the first gangs
1.What you a ganster foo?! What what what.
by imalive January 21, 2004
See definitions of the word "gangsta", nobody seems to know what gangster means anymore.
"Yo, hes a gangster bro" No hes a 'gangsta'.
by micksta June 16, 2005
1. A term used by inferior, idiotic, marijuana smoking humans to boost their reputation. Often by means of murder, drugs and blackmailing.

"You know that i am a gangster"
by daoud March 24, 2005
A ganster is someone who lives their life according to their morals, values guide lines to achieve their dream. Stepping out of the social guide lines to create opportunities for themselves and others. They are in control of their dream and exceed personal expectations. They are the ones who become Boss of the Bosses. They have the abilty to organize and function alone and/or with-in a group.
Russel Simmons is a gangster.
Sean Combs is a gangster.
Shawn Carter is a gangster.
Oprah is a gangster.
Catherine L. Hughes is a gangster.
Malcom X was a gangster.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a gangster
by Brent Clark March 18, 2008
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