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A horrible personality mix. Of three major douche bag groups.

1) A Gangster
2) A Pimp
3) A Player

Put the three of them together. And you have 'GangstaPimpPlaya'.. voila. So as stated before 'GangstaPimpPlaya' or GPP for short. Is a total douche bag type of person. You never ever ever want to meet them in person. And surly as hell don't want to piss them off.
GangstaPimpPlaya: See below for a full description.

A Gangster -- Does typical "gangster" things. Like shooting guns, being an asshole. Breaking laws as an attempt to look cool, or to make something of themselves. Total waste of air.

A Pimp -- Has prostitutes that works for them. A great source of money for a 'GPP'

A Player -- Has many intimate relationships, plays them. Multiple girlfriends, none of them knowing of the other one.
by Chad_Ochocinco April 16, 2011
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The 'GangstaPimpPlaya', in its lesser known form "The Jerkoff" can be spotted anytime, any day, anywhere and can be identified by the walking strut, kinda like a penguin with cerebral palsy, they also have a distinct mating call which sounds like a repetitive "that bitch fly yo". When in danger they are known to repeat the words "yo momma".
That GangstaPimpPlaya is a bit far away from home. Maybe its mum sold it to the slave trade.
by InfectyMushyWushy March 29, 2011
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The worst type of person you can ever come across especially as a female.

It's a Gangster, A pimp, and a Player all as one package

Probably the coolest type of person You'll ever meet, but beware they are sure sly.
1.) Oh My, my last boyfriend was a GangstaPimpPlaya.

2.) Man, I was I was a GPP, because then I could get all the ladies, ya know? They love them Gangsters, but they also like them romantic guys. So If I was a GPP I would be kissing em all.
by GangstaPimpPlaya June 30, 2010
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A super sexy female that plays a ton of video games!
yo esse have you seen GPP's picture lately? she's a fuckin hyna bro!

who's GPP?

oh you know GangstaPimpPlaya she's fuckin sexy bro
by Pinche Pendejho June 21, 2010
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