The clever language invention that attempts to hide one's literacy and formal education by deceiving the reader into thinking you are 4 years old and mentally retarded. Prolonged exposure to ganglish has been shown to lead one to believe that shooting someone in the face is an admirable goal and will lead to a rich productive life filled with societal respect, endless money, sex and getting high in a large mansion until the end of days. Recent studies prove statistically that it instead leads to getting probed in the seat with a toothpaste tube in prison by an equally adept expert in ganglish...
cHEK dis KRAi-Z GANGLISH yO! i sHO b bANGen N rEPPn' tHuggg wit bote pLAYAz n sTooP hAID pEEEpz ahh dIS diZay!
by Lou Sid 1 January 14, 2007

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