1. to, in a group of people, rape someone.
2. a group of people performing sexual activities on another individual against their will.
3. (in video game terms) a group of players to gangup on a certain player (esp. shooting games ex.counter-strike).
1/2. The young girl was gangraped the other day when she was coming home.
3. ...omg, i was gangraped by all those fuckers...
by tnt3d October 26, 2004
Gan-Grape. (verb) when one ore more individuals partake in the graping (like the grapist does) of another person(s). This is very different from gang rape which is a horrible crime. Graping someone is simply the act of yelling the word GRAPE and/or throwing grape soda at someone.
GRAPIST: hey! there goes that guy that only drinks pepsi! let's GRAPE 'em!

DUDE: all right, you and me will Gan-Grape him in the mouth!

PEPSI GUY: OHHH NOOO!!!!!! GRAAAAAAP! GRAAAAPE!!! mmmmmm grapey...
by The Grapist's Personal Monkey October 14, 2009
When a girl is asleep and a couple of guys fuck her in her sleep
My boyfriend gave me some really heavy sleeping pills. I later was told he and his frinds gangRAPED me.
by Damn_Hottie May 23, 2009
Something that is fun for 9 out of 10 people.
You: "Hey, what's fun for 9 out of 10 people?"
Them: "Trolling?"
You: "No. Gang rape."
by sexyourass December 15, 2010
A group activity which is enjoyed by 5 out of 6 people.
Chuck: "Wanna do a Gang Rape?"

Dave, Mike and Pete: "Yes"

Michelle: "No"
by Don Strongo May 29, 2010
(Verb) To get and or steal and or take; to generally come into possession of. Substitute into everyday conversation for added zest!
"Hey, could you gangrape a soda for me while you're up"

"I can't believe you gangraped an A on that test!"

"After a wild night out, I gangraped my true love in Vegas"
by Dr Ely July 28, 2006
Fun for the whole family!
Nine out of ten people enjoy gang rape.
by PohTayToez May 13, 2009

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