Gang Fang is described as someone who is completely and utterly crazy n all aspects, is very out there, unbelievable, random, hyper, unrestricted, and j plain awesome at times. Someone who is prone to bursts of violence or recklessness without regard to oneself, and is completely unpredictable! You might associate one with partying, cracking jokes, being ridiculously obscene and loud in public, tring to get outside, climbing buildings, wreaking mopeds at fast speeds, and tearing down whole trees for fire wood.
Kayla: Is Tommy getting drunk tonight?
G: Yep!
Tommy: Your gonna see Gang Fang tonight!
Kayla: Is that a good thing or.. no?
Boys look at eachother and bust up laughing
Kayla: Oh boy.. this should be interesting
by K.L.J. :) May 02, 2011
Top Definition
A party in which Multiple vampires will feed on a single victim Usually for the purpose of speeding up the turning of the victim to a vampire

(can also be considered a sex act)
Kate was transformed into a Vampire At a Gang Fang
by Vizard August 20, 2008

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