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An epic combination of the words gansta and gamer. Pretty much a gamer who dresses like a thug and isn't a nerd. One of the best types of people to be friends with because they look cool in public but are tough competition on steam. You can't tell by looking at one because of their attitudes, but inside they're hardcore gamers.
Tim: What's that G doing, hanging out with those loser gamers?
Sam: Oh, that's his usual crowd. He's a total gamesta.
by Sparklebama February 13, 2014
A gamesta is basically a pimp ass Gamer.
Wow, see that hot gamer dude over there? He is defintely a Gamesta!
by Joseph the Gamesta February 13, 2006
gansta gamer
dress like a gansta but represents gamers
bob is a gamesta man,look at his clothes
by Lee Oden November 12, 2007

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