Gamer Girl is a female person playing videogames. Some of them can be nice, but some tend to act like "gaming dominatrix" - when they discover how all other players are interested in them because of their gender, they become spoilt. If someone does not give them any attention or treats them like male gamers(i.e. feels free to use cursing or gives them a reprimand), they unleash all their rage and disrespect on the person who did that. In formed communities they even urge others to aid them against someone who caused their discontent.
*someone curses at female player during intense game*
Choir of Gamer Girl's fans: Booo!
by Corran1138 July 15, 2010
a gamer girl is someone who is usually rejected by the male gamer world. she loves video games just as any other causual/hardcore/true gamer does. she lives to play. she usually isnt going to get the highst head count in call of duty or win a match between 2 or 3 people in halo, but thats alright to her. she knows her stuff, she isnt pretending to like a game or be a wicked sit your ass down on the couch for hours on end and play gamer either.

usually girls love to play mmop's
but the most respected of the gamer girl community are the one that love to play FPS's and are good at them.(Like me)
guys usually come to respect this elite type of gamer girl because they have expirenced/seen/been beaten by her skills.
holy crap! cheak out that gamer girls sick skills at call of duty!
by TheOrigianlGamer...Girl May 03, 2009

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