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A set of guidelines designed to make gameplay fair and enjoyable for everyone. These guidelines are as followed:

1. NEVER walk or stand in front of the monitor, projector, etc. in a way that would impede upon the performance of the gamer. Instead, say "excuse me" and quickly pass by or walk underneath/over it.

2. Camping is ok but displays lack of skill. Spawn Camping is very unsportsman-like and will most likely lead to unessessary hatred. How would you feel if you were trying to go to meet up with your friends and someone kept drop kicking you back into your house?

3. Boosting and hacking is pointless and displays poor gameplay. Sure you unlocked everything, but now you've nothing else to do. At least,you now have more time to work on a life.

4. If the game is pissing you off, hand it over to someone else and watch them. Not only will the other gamer get some time in but they might even show you how to get pass whatever what barring you from advancing.

5. Try to 100% everything on your own without any form of cheating or assisting. What better way to earn your bragging rights than through dedication?

6. Everyday social rules still apply. You might be on the internet but the other accounts you interact with are ran by real people. Trolling and creating hate should be left for the sad fucks whose parents never loved them.
I have not found a single list of Gamer's Etiquette on the internet. Hopefully people will read this and use it as a guideline (better yet, IMPROVE upon it) so that the gaming community could become more of a Gaming Family.
by TheTypoPoopcicle July 12, 2011