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Alexander Badr, also known as the Game Dude (YouTube name: alexander4488), is a whiny, egotistical game reviewer who is just a carbon copy of the Angry Video Game Nerd, minus any of the Nerd's wit or effort. He constantly revises his shitty game reviews while failing to realize that his reviews are still unfunny and boring to listen to. He constantly checks YouTube to see if anybody's mocking his lack of talent, and then make 7 videos bitching about the 6 minute long video that he's criticizing. He'll probably read this and post a video about it too (or make a definition glorifying himself)
"My God, that Kanye West's ego is reaching Game Dude proportions."

by Myxamatosis December 29, 2009
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Game Dude is a You Tube "reviewer" whose reviews are often ill informed, inaudible and rely on endless cursing and immature comments to get views.

He is a blatant rip off of the Angry Video Game Nerd and should be avoided at all costs.
- Game Dude sucks Dray-Gun bollocks from a dog's arse whilst fornicating with a chimpanzee.

- Game Dude does not want to fuck mammals
by RighteousBastard December 29, 2009

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