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Galway New York is a small rural town in northern New York. Sparsely populated with people but densely populated with cows. Local past times include: heavy drinking, watching nascar, adding additions to trailer homes built from road signs, racism, cow tipping, eating dirt, being republican, hating any,every and all democratic president, riding tractors to school and the occasional experimental procreation with farm animals.

Galway is best known for spotty cell service and possessing a Gas Station used only by the locals and those who run out of gas while traversing the no mans land between Saratoga and Amsterdam. The hopping downtown possesses a single streetlight, a small grocery store which employs the highschool dropouts, a large feed store for the abundant cow population and a volunteer fire department that employs the current services of the future dropouts.

Its highschool is a Frankenstein monster of buildings from different eras with one dating all the way back to when it was a one room schoolhouse, twenty years ago.
I drove through Galway New York yesterday for the first and last time.
by gimangi27 January 28, 2011
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