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A girl with black hair and blue eyes. Made famous by Steve Earle in his song Galway Girl, which is about such a girl.
Sweet! Check out that Galway Girl!
by Gopherion February 03, 2013
An irritating song originally written by Steve Earle and later re-recorded by Sharon Shannon and Mundy. The song is basically about some idiotic dude who falls in love with this random girl from Galway in Ireland who then leaves him. The Mundy version was a huge hit in Ireland, reaching number 1.
Nob Nation's version, the Galway Whore, is much better.
Me: So... d'you wanna go shopping or something?
Friend: Sure... hey, what's that strange sound?
Me: SHIT! My mum's playing the fucking Galway Girl again! RUN!!!
by you just don't get it.™ September 07, 2008 assioated with retards who like guiness and wooly jumpers
2.cunt of a song worthy of domestic violence
3. song worthy of ending a good night on bad terms
4. Epitimy of diddly aye shite
Derek: is that fucking Galway Girl???

Conor: yeah, fucking cunt

Derek: fuck this, lets go
by C*D* April 09, 2008
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