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The driving force behind the story in the Frank Zappa concept album Thing-Fish.

"invented by an Evil Prince (and part-time theater critic) living underneath Virginia, to get rid of selected "highly-rhythmic individj'lls" (blacks) "an' sissy-boys" (gays)."
When the Evil Prince introduced this into the mashed potatoes of the inmates of "San Quentim" penitentiary, it turned them into hideous, unknown creatures known as "Mammy-Nuns".
Thing-Fish: "So, heah dey come wit de (galoot cologne), dump'nit all in de mash potatoes!

Den dey wen' up to de warden's office fo' some hot toddy, watchin' a little football while dey's waitin' to see what gone happen!

Fact o' de matter were: nothin' happened, so dey went off'n dribbled it in a special shipnint of galoot co-log-nuh dat went out 'bouts november!

Next thing y'know, fagnits be droppin' off like flies...'long wit a large number of severely-tanned individj'lls, pre-zumnably of hay'chen extrakment!" (again, blacks)
by Harry-as-a-boy May 11, 2009
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