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Snobby, good looking, brown people who have a right to act snobby. Usually better than everyone around them at usually everything they do. The target of jealousy.
I wish I was a Gallegos!
by Gg. March 28, 2008
family of Hispanic decent,

very kind and giving ,always there for the people they are close to
some of them are not very bright others are the complete opposite,

all very talented

usually religious
the Gallegos are so sweet! i love them
by polka dots25 June 19, 2011
People from Galicia, Spain. Also the language spoken by the population (a combination of Spanish, Celtic, and Portuguese.)

Often the butt of Jokes

Spaniards in South/Central American & Caribbean countries are often called Gallegos.

Fidel Castro is of Gallego descent.
Hey Gallego, pass me a soda?
by KikiR April 09, 2009
The gallegos is a powerful family
Hated by many confronted by none

Dont be a valdez dont mess with the gallegos

Wish you were the Gallego . But bitch you aint the gallegos and you ratchet ass will NEVER be the gallegos
The gallegos the hated on by the valdez dont be like The valdez
by what is a valdex May 31, 2014
Pronounced: ('go)

What people from Spain are called by Central and South Americans; can be derogative like "Yankee."
"Look at this gallego - he doesn't even know what a peso is."
by rmb1 January 23, 2006
A common middle name for mexicans also used for some names in diffent country's
Randon boy:Aye thats gallegos
Random girl:No thats her middle name
by Awsome lala April 06, 2016
Derogatory term used by South American spanish-speaking people to describe the people of Spain. Derives from Galician - many of the original Spanish settlers in Argentina were farmers and ranchers from the (then poor) Galicia region of Spain.
LOL, those gallegos lost to Switzerland. Viva hispanoamericano!
by Daffydoop June 17, 2010
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