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Galileah's are funny and great friends. They are loyal and you can trust them with anything. They are outgoing and will do anything to show how much they care about you. Once you meet them you will want to become their instant bestfriend and will want to do everything with them. Galileah's have nice body's, usually short, and are very strong and athletic. They are really smart in school but dumb and "tapada" outside of school. They have many girl friends but usually prefer to hang out with her guy friends. Galileah's are beautiful and one of the prettiest, hottest, and just drop dead gorgeous girls you will know. Once you have her you won't want to lose her. They are over all the greatest friend anyone could have.
damn Galileah is so hot

She's such a good friend and the prettiest girl
I know
by Leah Rae November 16, 2013
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