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Quintessential perfectionist; overachiever; extremely good looking; meticulous; immediately respected upon encounter; known to be "the life of the party" with short notice; highly sought after; associated with great power and charisma; acknowledged for being both feared and loved; ambitious; meritorious by nature; usually found amoung top 1%; envied by all; mixes well with all liquors; known to be highly intoxicating and irresistible; power increases exponentially when with other Galganas; not to be fucked with; may be used in noun, verb, or adjective form
I know he beat us again, it's not fair, he's Galgana.
What's he gonna do? I'm Galgana, he's Olaes.
Don't worry about that, we'll Galgana it out.
I get the next Galgana.
by Rgalgana August 15, 2007
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