Another word for Gey
Dude, that guy is so gald!!
by Chuckie Cheeeze February 24, 2005
A person that does not answer or respond to numerous questions or statements and never says goodbye before they leave first, because they think its funny to piss people off.
You know that kid Sai? He's SUCH a gald sometimes!
by Supasnazzy May 01, 2010
To be superior
The definition of "Gald" is to be superior and knowing me I am superior, I get alot cars, alot of bitches, and alot money but not in that order. So many Benjamin you couldn't count..Like I am the best bow bow chika chika bow.
by Gald Clothing October 03, 2012
To be groped
Stop galding me Scott, i'll call the police
by thecatonthemug October 01, 2010
n. A balding goat.
Dude, that is one really huge gald!
by zamanda August 17, 2005
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