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"Gal bursten it" is a phrase that signifies the end of a conversation and acts as a farewell message. The origins of this expression can be traced to The Shivering Isles expansion pack for Bethesda's wildly popular role playing game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in which the npc Bolwing speaks only in unintelligible phrases as the result of a curse placed on him by the local deity.
Bolwing: I saw the zaxor, and I magged it too! Ah, fibble!
Dark Seducer: This Mazken must return to duty.
Bolwing: Gal bursten it.

Bolwing: Rany Roo! Rany Roo!
Dark Seducer: Your pardon, citizen. I must return to my post.
Bolwing: Gal bursten it.

Bolwing: Tell the daen! Tell the daen! Karn sky is relfing!
Street Negro: Wha' da fuh is you talkin' 'bout, biatch? Get out mah face!
Bolwing: Gal bursten it.
The scrambled language of a wood-elf in TES IV: Oblivion meaning "Goodbye"
BIATCH!! I'm out!! Galburstenit nigguh!!!
by Elder Kamos September 25, 2010