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The smell that you can't figure out where or what the hell it is or where it came from.
I fingered that fat bitches ass with my thumb and it smelled like GAIWAN for three fuggin days!
by Slut May 05, 2003

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A human male, without a penis.
Fury was his name, yet folks from far and wide travelled to call him gaiwan, for Fury had no cock.
by Gere February 19, 2003
A form of superior being. A born leader, trend-setter.
Upon laying his 24th maiden, he achieved gaiwan-like status.
by Nitemage21 February 19, 2003
a fruit booty that takes it up the ass for the good guys...and the bad guys... and well...whoever the hell else is offering it.
I wanna fuck someone in the ass. GAIWAN!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
Ugly mexican descend breed of moron. Generally associated with illegal immigrants who weaseled their way to legality.
I have to take a huge Gaiwan, it will probably smell.
by Gaiwan the great. February 20, 2003