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The Japanese word for foreign loanwords (usually English) which have been integrated into everyday Japanese.

In some cases they have been adopted because an appropriate Japanese word simply doesn't exist, in others because English and Western culture are considered fashionable and attractive.

Many are rendered unrecognisable, both by the extreme differences in pronunciation between the various languages and also by the Japanese propensity for shortening and condensing.

(There is already an entry under garaigo, but this romanisation is incorrect)
Some Gairaigo examples:

igirisu - Great Britain (from Portugese)
aisukuriimu - ice cream
daburu - double
terebi - televi(sion)
pasokon - perso(nal) com(puter)
#japanglish #garaigo #engrish #otaku #wapanese
by clu82 January 06, 2010
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