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1. The nickname for any and every town called Gainesville. Most notably Gainesville, FL.

2. A tumblr party blog.
FRAT BOY: Did yall see that post on Gainesvegas?

SORORITY GIRL: That dumb cat blog? You read that?
FRAT BOY: Cat blog?
by chuan lang November 16, 2011
Local skate term for the hell hole known as Gainesville, Georgia. It is full of dumbass police that will arrest you for skating.
Skater 1: "Hey man, let's go skate the square in Gainesvegas."

Skater 2: "Fuck no, man. The pigs crawl all over that place."

Skater 1: "Fuck Gainesville City, let's skate."
by Sonny Perdue July 25, 2008