Where nerds and geeks go when they realize they're not wanted by the real world.
Nerd: "lolol hey wanna go role-play on Gaia Online?"
Person: "role-what where?"
by ihatenerds September 11, 2006
An anime website full of spammers and people who cyber
Hey did you see that pic I posted on 4chan last night?
No, Gaiaonline hacked it again. >:(
by Juicymix January 04, 2008
Gaia Online is Satan with a Website. It is full of Pinko Commies, who have only there opinons, and refuse to accept anyone else's. The MODs are all-powerful, and will ban you for the simplest things. Many people compare it to Neopets. I compare it to the seven levels of Hell
Gaia? Fuck no! I HAVE a life, thank you very much!
by Azu February 11, 2005
Mediocre forum website incorporating anime with web-based pin-boards.
This site claims to be for an older generation, but it is populated mainly of middle-aged radical christians trying to convert your children. This site is highly addictive but this cannot be considered a positive aspect.
by Thumpa April 04, 2005
An anime online community.
People who join...
1. have no social life outside of the computer.
2. are desperate for a bf or gf
3. want to "cyber" because they have no hope in real life.
4. are bored.
5. want to bitch at people because they have nicer "avatars" or more "gold" than them.
6. are smart and don't make fools of themselves.

You earn "gold" and customize your avatars. You see people constantly beg for "gold" because they want to buy pixels to make they're avatar look better because they can't look that good in real life.

You see people constantly posting threads saying, "I NEED bf/gf" "omg pleez cYb3r m3!!!" because they have no hope in real life.

However, some people do not make a fools of themselves and they make online good friends who have common sense.
"oMg i n33d a bF!!!!!"
"pleez donat im a neewbie"

"Chatterbox Box" <- a good thread
"TAKK" <- a good thread. =D
by nyeh ^^ March 11, 2005
A roleplaying community soon to become a habbo hotel or nneopets in the future full of forums awsome avatars and soon a wepon shop battel system a and fishing 0_o
Gaia online gives me orgasims you smexy pixel
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