The place where trolls are king. Gaia Online is a poorly moderated site where one can find helpless emo/goth/punk people who spew rants about their pathetic lives, and eagerly await others to troll or laugh at them.

On Gaia, trolling is a popular sport, of which some members have a high amount of fame. Many other members will attempt to fight trolls, but ultimately fail, as their general intelligence greatly falls below normal.

Being banned from Gaia Online is no problem, as it is easy to create another account. IP bans are unheard of.
Standard Conversation on Gaia Online

Post: "Helpzors! My friend who is 13 is cutting again! What should I do?!"

Response: "You're clearly a bad friend as you don't support her in every decision she's going to make. You should help her cut, and be a better friend. If you tell her parents she'll be angry at you and won't be your friend anymore."
by Sipid January 29, 2006
Not a very known site like "myspace", but in my opinion, its the same, but with games, and not much rape.
"omg, dude, I just got an account on gaia online!"
"wtf is that?"
"Its like myspace, but better!"
"wtf is myspace?"
by Ryuman757 May 17, 2008
The oddly addicting anime-themed forum site that is guaranteed to crush any beliefs that you have that your art is good, unless you have a decent amount of deviantART watchers. You earn gold by surfing the site, posting in the forums, voting in the arenas, winning contests, and more. That gold (along with cash that you can either buy with real money or complete those fake offers about what diapers are the best, even though, unless you have a mental condition, don't even use yourself) is used to buy things like clothes, hairstyles, tattoos, items, and more.
Person 1: "Whatcha doin?"
Person 2: "Lurking in the Gaia Online forums o_O"
by The_Epic_Chic September 06, 2009
Website where people come to hang out,cyber and have a sexual good time
Gaia Online is full of porno
by Dan Spark January 25, 2011
A website where people of all ages can unite over their love of anime and manga.
There is mini comic stripes of manga in community(I'm not sure if it's in community though but it's there)posted, and anime shorts in the site's theaters. These are only a few examples of what makes gaia online such a ideal site.
by Rachel Humphreys February 16, 2008
Gaiaonline is an Animated Online Community for people who love to cyber and talk about anime. Seriously, it is impossible to be on Gaia for even 2 minutes without at least 1 person asking you to cyber.
Person: "Wow cool, gaiaonline is going to be fun!"
Person #2: "Hey dude, want to cyber?"
Person #3: "Oh hai guyz, lets cyber, right now!"
Person #4: "My character looks like Naruto, let's cyber!"
Person #5: "Do you like anime? Oh and let's cyber!"
by PicnicBombs November 08, 2009
Powerful drug that does nothing in particular apart from kick intelligence of the abuser in the balls, and cause some form of addiction.
Rate of addiction apparently inversely relative to the users cognitive ability, and relative to his infatuation for pixellated avatars.
"I went to gaia online and my level on the Kinsey Scale went up 7 points..."
by Prescht April 08, 2006
Where nerds and geeks go when they realize they're not wanted by the real world.
Nerd: "lolol hey wanna go role-play on Gaia Online?"
Person: "role-what where?"
by ihatenerds September 11, 2006

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