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- noun.
1. A racial slur which denotes serious and utter contempt and hatred for any person or persons (Gahbos) of the Hobgoblin race.
2. A disparaging, belittling, or snubbing remark which expresses ones disdain for the individual called the gahbo.
3. Said among friends or adventuring companions for doing something remarkably stupid or idiotic, as if they were a hobgoblin.
(1.) After attacking the adventurers camp in the middle of the night the party cleaned off the arrogant gahbo blood from their weapons.

(2.) "You treacherous GAHBO!!!!!"

(3.) "Declan, I can't believe you ran to the other side of that tree to fight those guy all by yourself you silly gahbo."
by Rangrim May 31, 2011