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ghetto neighborhood in Illinois full of ghetto people, ghetto drugs, ghetto houses, ghetto cars, ghetto roads, and GHETTO CHILDREN WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ELDERS!!! home of the biggest black bus stop in history, jesse oaks, and the convenience stop... if i were you, which i know your looking up gages lake on urban dictionary, so you must live here, i would MOVE!!!
"i grew up in Gages lake"

"woah, are you ok?"
by mynameisnotjacueessssee July 08, 2013
A cool but ghetto area in Lake County Illinois, its right next to Wildwood and Gurnee.
Cool things in Gages Lake are the College of Lake County and Jessie Oaks Bar and Grill.
Hey Bro, I'm going to see my friend Brittany in Gages Lake. Peace Out.
by BrittyBoo December 02, 2011