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A Gagelan (or Gage and Gagel) is usually the life of the party! He usually attracts many girls, and always does what is right. He is a very dependable and responsible person, loving the mililary. He is one of the most kindest people to know, and hates black people.

He can be calm, stern, crazy, and pissed off at appropriate times. Most times he's pissed off and sort of a dick when he doesn't get his way. He loves video games, and sometimes he is sort of a dork at times, but everybody still loves him, even old men.

If a Gagelan has any brothers or sisters, he is usually VERY close with 'em. Yet, he at most times annoys the shit outta them, like a mother.

Most Gagelans love MMORPG's and play it as much as they can. His favorite music consists of The Rolling Stoners, Rick Astley, Weird Al, The Beatles, The Lonely Island, and Madonna.
Girl A: "Dang, that guy is such a Gagelan! He's so Nice!"
Girl B: "Yeah really!"

Girl 1: "I wish you were more of a Gagelan, Lucas..."
Guy 2: "Well, at least I hate black people!"

Girl a: "That Gagelan would make such an awesome husband!"
Girl b: "Yeah! He's one in a million! Just... he's a nerd who plays Kingdom Hearts and World of Warcraft."
by MinnesotaFromAbove2121 July 05, 2010
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