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An obsession with Lady Gaga, pretty much to an unhealthy extent. There are 2 types:

Gagaphillia Fameatosis - An obsession which developed from 'the fame' or the song 'christmas tree'

Gagaphillia monstrosis - An obsession developed from 'the fame monster', caused by exposure to 'bad romance', 'teeth' or 'dance in the dark'.

Both consist of focusing on attitude, fashion and abnormality. Strikes mostly camwhores, scene kids and open-minded poser goths.
Girl1: OMG!!!!!!! THATZ POKERFACE!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
Girl2: WTF?!?
Girl1's boyfriend: Gagaphillia


15-yr-old gay-goth wannabe: RA-RA-RA-A-A, RO-MA-RO-MA-MA...
Scene girl: I <3 GAGA
–Gagaphillia monstrosis–
by Gagaphile December 05, 2009
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