a girl whose heart lies in a another boys body, she doesnt love him back though , typicall gabby.
gabbys being a bitch
by jim romeio August 05, 2011
To steal tips and constantly run your mouth about irrelevant bullshit meanwhile never getting to the point. Frequently accompanied by an australian accent/ and or greasy slicked back hair. Caution may cause ears to bleed and may only be combated with a gun filled with curry.
I went to the hospital with a migrane today, must have a bad case of the gab.

Today, a guy shot me, and when i asked him why he shot me, he told me it was because gas prices went up and the dali lamma once sucked his dick after the queen knighted him Sir shit of turd mountain. I found myelf in the eye of a gabby attack. ;)
by midgetpornanalsex April 28, 2011
dumb or to lack any knowledge
Gosh Dana you're being such a gabby.
by John Beckwith July 23, 2011
The biggest bitch on the planet. Usually the unliked girl, but has a friend there to comfort her i guess... Usually the social awkward person. overall not the best person. She on occasion makes people feel like an asshole. has a crabby vagina.. Your tipic NEVER GOING TO GET LAID GIRL.
Who is that?
OMG its Gabby!
I hat her -_-
by jackass20000000000000000000000 January 03, 2012
a fucking whore that wear horse hair a fucking extensions, looks like she fucking fell out of her crib when she was a kid and got hit with uly stick and offers to give head but never goes through no on likes gabby and she needs to transfer, fucking whore.
Gabby With the million last names.
by samanathaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad December 05, 2011
A very easy girl who sleeps around. She has a low self esteem and has sex with whoever will sleep with her. Boys get in line, you could be next. She is a brat and struts around thinking she is hot shit, when secretly no one even likes her.
gabby easy nasty brat

1. not liked by anyone
by Jackie Ackerman December 30, 2012
Some short bitch or a Mexican like person that is very rare and could be sold on ebay.
Wow that chick right there is so a Gabby!
by I'mAsian November 09, 2010

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