A type of person who makes you laugh. She's slutty but passionate. Generally a brunette and brown eyes. To be a Gabby is to be free spirited.
by Hannie poooh June 01, 2013
Cool ass white girl with tons of swagger to go around, was possibly born a martian, a fun loving libra, who loves to pose as a french person with her swoop-ity bureau, and a friend definetly worth saving..;)
Oh gabby how i love you so! with thy skin so pale and thy eyes so..crispity.
by guesswho12345678910111213 June 02, 2010
A back stabbing bitch who thinks shes better than everyone
Hey whats up!Uh I don't like you anymore.well why not?Because sabrina doesn't like you!WHY ARE YOU SUCH A GABBY!!!!!!
by Full-Time-CUTIE May 17, 2015
Another word for piles, anus ulcers and such like
I cant sit down , my gabbies are killing me
by shennanigans March 30, 2007
A fat girl with a muffin top. She can be nice but has bad breath.
"Gabby should brush her teeth more"
by Chickenlove February 20, 2015
A conpulsive LIAR!!!! Never trust her....
OMG! Run its a gabby!
by Kenzie_boo4 March 27, 2015
A person who you only talk to when your not around your friends. Someone who you talk to only when you need or want something. Someone who you know will always deal with your crap.
I´m nothing but a Gabby to him.

He´s not worth it, your not his Gabby.
by wordman654 June 29, 2012
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