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The most greasy shit-bag that I've ever seen in my life.
person 1:Hey Gabby why are you so greasy?
Gabby: because I come from the planet shit face!
by iudnfiudsnfiou October 30, 2013
a total mother fuckin bitch.
Gabbys a bitch.
by penishead112233 November 10, 2013
A person who you only talk to when your not around your friends. Someone who you talk to only when you need or want something. Someone who you know will always deal with your crap.
I´m nothing but a Gabby to him.

He´s not worth it, your not his Gabby.
by wordman654 June 29, 2012
A very easy girl who sleeps around. She has a low self esteem and has sex with whoever will sleep with her. Boys get in line, you could be next. She is a brat and struts around thinking she is hot shit, when secretly no one even likes her.
gabby easy nasty brat

1. not liked by anyone
by Jackie Ackerman December 30, 2012
a girl whose heart lies in a another boys body, she doesnt love him back though , typicall gabby.
gabbys being a bitch
by jim romeio August 05, 2011
dumb or to lack any knowledge
Gosh Dana you're being such a gabby.
by John Beckwith July 23, 2011
a small asian who has a odd voice that carries on the last letter of each word. These Gabby's usually go after the rare tyler scmidt creatures
My Gabby is working in the rice fields
by bobcat33 June 30, 2011