a fucking whore that wear horse hair a fucking extensions, looks like she fucking fell out of her crib when she was a kid and got hit with uly stick and offers to give head but never goes through no on likes gabby and she needs to transfer, fucking whore.
Gabby With the million last names.
by samanathaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad December 05, 2011
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The hottest and most amazing girl on the face of the earth. She is the nicest and sweetest person anybody could ever meet and makes everybody happy with her woderful personality and bangin body.
I love my Gabby very much
by Honey, S September 17, 2008
An amazing person, often refered to as a Goddess.
You wish you were Gabby

by kjkjklj January 20, 2008
a sex goddess from the hidden realm
I was with this girl, and then she turned into a Gabby, and screwed my nuts off.
by big daddy 978 November 28, 2006
Your best friend in the world. She's always there for you no matter what. She's super beautiful and you can never stay mad at her. You feel bad for what ever she's goin thruogh. Point blank; she's the best there is.
" You know that beautiful girl, the one who's super smart and nice?"
" Yah she's my best friend, her name is Gabby."
by Jelatnis September 27, 2009
Adj-(short for gabbrielle )-completely random, stupid and crazy but in a good way.

Some people stick their arms through windows. They are such gabbys.
by Scandi February 02, 2008
I loving caring beatiful girl who can fall in love with you. Beatiful eyes. sweet amazing and more : )
gosh gabby you beatuful
by diaz. July 22, 2009
Totally smoking hot girl who is too cool for her own good. Often called a whore by uninformed, actual whores. Awesome chick, mos def.
"Gabby's such a whore."
"No you are."
by 54M October 13, 2007

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