A crazy ass bitch who is a spoiled brat and that cries over everything and that is the devil
she has a demon
fucking crazy ass bitch
she needs to die
Ratchet Hoe #1: OMG did you see Gabbi have an exorcism in class today?!
Ratchet Hoe #2: Yah that bitch needa die.
by bitchbitchbitchBITCH July 24, 2014
a impatient bitch who gets very emotional over there 7th grade band teacher who is probably a pedofile and ditaches other guys over you
oh look shes crying she must be a gabbi
by karigan October 10, 2011
loose pussy, hangs down so far it touches the carpet, can fit fruit inside.
especially bananas.
"Excuse me miss, but your Gabbi is falling out!"
by Ryannnnxxxxxx February 25, 2008

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