Abbreviation of "Get your ass over here". Polar opposite of GTFO, an invitation with urgency rather than dismissal.
More commonly used in communication where people know each other, rather than anonymous. Can be used in an online game, for example sending some a /tell to get to a particular zone, or to imply physical movement - to get their ass to someone's house/flat/apartment/room/dorm
PersonA: "I have a severe hunger for a new game, but am stone broke"
PersonB: "I have found a $50 bill in my pocket"
PersonA: GYAOH
PersonA: NOW.
by Tartarus December 28, 2006
Top Definition
Get Your Ass Over Here
A "come-hither" short-hand for text messaging, or a phrase usable between friends.
Person 1: where r u?
Person 2: @ the mall
Person 1: GYAOH! (get your ass over here!)
by jamielsmith January 14, 2008
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