GWB- Gay White Bastard, also can be substituted for, George's Wet Butthole, or Galina's Wet Box, other word can be substituted in.
The kid in my spanish class is a GWB.
by dEeZ January 05, 2005
Top Definition
George W. Bush.
The "President" of the United States of America.

See: monkey idiot newbie and fraud
bob: GWB just lied to the US public today
bill: I said tell me something NEW!
by Joshtek September 01, 2003
An actor who can waste 187+ billion dollars of American taxpayer's money to invade a country that was no immediate danger to the US, then lame it on Tony Blair's intelligence (since GWB himself has very little).
by US Unemployed Patriot November 02, 2003
George Washington Bridge located in new york connecting to New jersey.
Since the Lincoln Tunnel is backed up we cud take the GWB
by Skeet_master101 December 09, 2010
Abbreviation for Great White Buffalo
Dude 1: She is my gwb
Dude 2: Great white buffalo
Dude 1 and 2: *in a whisper* great white buffalo
by Tribepride December 08, 2010
When having a sexual affair with a woman and than being stalked and tormented with lies of pregnancy.
Man 1: OMG i just had sex with a GWB and she wont leave me alone
Man 2: Dude...let me get a bat
by apple0 May 19, 2010
The act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse in which two men position themselves on either side of the female and proceed to commence the fornication while simultaneously holding their hands straight up in the air. Thus resembling the George Washington Bridge.
McTasty: Yo, did you two GWB that bitch last night?
Two Random Guys: Yeah man, it was bridge-tastic.
by Nic n' Tasty November 01, 2011
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