The only band you will ever see where you can remember the shows by the stains on your jacket
Buddy: Dude see this? This yellow stain is brains from the last time I saw Gwar!
Me: Oderous came in my eye!
by Husker Dave November 13, 2006
The rockinest band in the universe.
Wow, did you see GWAR? they fed jerry springer to the world maggot!
first off, gwar is not an acronym for anything. it doesnt mean god what an awful racket, nor does it mean gay women against rage. there are others. the word is simply a power laxative, something you exclaim if you are having a hard time on the toilet. i know this because i asked dave brockie himself. second, gwar is the best band in existence. if you dont agree, go see them live and tell me otherwise.
HOLY CRAP! GWAR just killed the pope and is haveing sex with his open skull!
by Pumpkinhead March 06, 2005
God What an Awful Racket! Shock rock band, known for their punk metal hybrid style of music, cartoonish costumes, and over the top live shows.
"Man, my favorite shirt was ruined last night at the GWAR show, it's pink now from all the fake blood spashing out into the crowd!"
by ratsinthewall January 29, 2003
A sweet ass band created by their Master to wipe his ass after he took a sunday morning turd and spawned the universe.
Gwar are Kick ass
by Colonel Ames November 05, 2003
One of the most badass bands out there.
Dood1:holy shit, gwar fuckin ROCKS!
Gay person:gwar is gay
Dood1 kicks the teeth out of gay persons mouth.
by 133713 Mc 1337 1337 July 14, 2004
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