german acronym, means: "Glückwunsch" (congratulation)
one: ich hab heut nen job bekommen!
other: gw
by lagrimo May 30, 2007
good will.
that shirt is gw
by dssadsdsa July 27, 2008
Games Workshop, a UK based minatures (mini's)company producing Warhammer fantasy battles (WFB) and Warhammer 40 thousand (40K) tabletop battle games and many fine miniatures
"Hey check out the sweet new mini's from GW"
by SoulDrinker December 11, 2006
Extremely odd but amazingly funny group of 2 girls.
Will kick your asses.
Very attractive.

GW = Gina Warriors
GW has a bumper sticker buisness.

GW loves " the purple."

Persons who belong to GW start out with little and gain a lot.
by littlebunnyboomer March 07, 2008
Online Forums
I am a Moderator at
by Moo March 13, 2004

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