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The GW does not exist. It's like Santa Claus. Nobody can write 5000 hilarious articles in just 2 years.
by GWfan December 23, 2009
a new greeting developed to show a group of people that you meet that you don't want to small talk you just want to play guild wars. Any other topics of conversation or activities are considered gay and will be ignored.
so.... gw?


by SamBoo August 14, 2005
1)G (as in Gangster) +Jew, from how ee+w = oo
2) a bad ass jew
Mossad is so G-w.
by American10101 April 25, 2011
Get wet. An acronym for girls to use.
I GW whenever I see that hotass.
When he takes off his shirt, I GW.
by sannx321 January 29, 2010
abreviation for Guess What used when texting or IM'ing
OMG, GW i'm doing ATM
by Mandim0 August 17, 2009
1337 language meaning "good work"... after a round and that person has killed everyone.
<pb> killed <player> with m4a1
terrorists win

<boo> gw m8
<n00b> gw
<pb> ta
by blastaz September 24, 2003
good will.
that shirt is gw
by dssadsdsa July 27, 2008

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