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Google That Shit
look up, search on google, find an answer to any obscure question that comes up in a conversation
-who won the 1992 SuperBowl?
-F*$% if I know, gotta GTS

-Who sings that song?
-I don't know let me GTS

-is that mexican restaurant still in business?
-Wait, lemme GTS

-what names are Sean Combs and Snoop Dogg going by these days?
-no clue, I have to GTS
by LL Housewife April 25, 2013
4 3
Stand for "good times".
Can also be spelt as gt's or GTS.
So many gts back in elementary school.
by ijwahak February 17, 2006
28 51
Abbreviated form of "giantess." A catch-all term for anything related to the giantess fetish, which is defined as a love for impossibly tall women. Do you think I'm talking about women who are eight feet tall? Nine feet tall? Try 200 feet tall.
The 1993 HBO remake of "Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman" featured one of the hottest giantesses ever captured on film.
by kyakusenbi November 08, 2003
128 178
Get The Shot/Got The Shot. Used to define any point when someone is attempting a trick or act for a camera, especially in action sports, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding etc..
"I saw that nine from the top and it looked baller. Did you GTS?"
by Blake Kimmel March 16, 2008
10 68
"gts" is an acronym for "google that shit". This is used when someone asks a question or states a problem that can most likely be solved by using Google.

Idiot: Hey my computer is giving me this weird error message... what should I do?
Computer tech: GTS!!!
by F!nn November 20, 2007
32 106
A term in the new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games. Short for "Global Trading Station." A sophisticated, long-awaited update to the somewhat tedious trading system, allowing one to post a pokemon up for adoption in exchange for a pokemon of their choice, with players around the world via Nintendo WiFi Connection. Quite possibly the greatest innovation in the new games, as posted pokemon can be traded overnight overnight, even while the DS is turned off. Of course, being that Diamond and Pearl were previously released in Japan over a year before they hit stateside, there are a TON of high-level trainers in Asia offering Turtwigs and Pinplups in exchange for higher level Dialga and Palkia. Of course, with the addition of millions of American players who've only had the game for a few days, the GeoNet is flooded with n00bs who'll take any pokemon they're looking for, no matter what level they are. For instance, I posted an almost useless lvl. 5 Abra with only teleport, and got a lvl 1. Japanese Cherubi overnight, which I decided to pan in favor of a rather nice lvl 14 female Combee specimen, which is quite rare and valuable. The system allows one to search or post a particular pokemon fitting three criteria: species, gender, and level group, which is AWESOME. All in all, the feature is much better than the Underground, a MMORPGesque realm underneath the game's region that allows for one to create their own secret base and mine for minerals to trade with other players visiting the Underground, along with battling, pokemon trading, and the ability to enter other people's bases and steal their flags.
GTS: the greatest feature in any Pokemon RPG.
by aka_Pyro April 26, 2007
30 137
Grand Touring S
Celica GT-S
by hwoarang May 22, 2004
30 137
All it means is good times.
In Amanda's profile it says GTS.
by Home slice May 12, 2006
60 170