Google That Shit
look up, search on google, find an answer to any obscure question that comes up in a conversation
-who won the 1992 SuperBowl?
-F*$% if I know, gotta GTS

-Who sings that song?
-I don't know let me GTS

-is that mexican restaurant still in business?
-Wait, lemme GTS

-what names are Sean Combs and Snoop Dogg going by these days?
-no clue, I have to GTS
by LL Housewife April 25, 2013
good times
karlie- omg Amanda we had so much fun last night

Amanda- yah gts
by Bliss4 April 05, 2009
Short form for "google that shit"
MAN 1: How can I find the definition for a word?
MAN 2: I don't know. GTS!
by Lisa Ems January 16, 2009
Gym, tan, Smush (sex). A variation on GTL popularized by the Jersey Shore cast. GTS has been repeatedly used by Ronnie in an attempt to make Sammi jealous.
Come on Snook u can never GTS to much ( u kno that lol).....wooooo...2 weeks, You ready? bc im not.”
by JSGuy March 22, 2010
Giggle then snort.

Like LOL
Sam: "How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

Billy: "I dunno, how many?"

Sam: "None, they just sit in the dark and cry."

Billy, "GTS!"
by algarbonzo February 15, 2010
giggle to self
"i got a text and it was kinda funny but i couldn't lol cause i was in public so i gts"

"good one...gts"
by isaythequestionspplthink August 21, 2009
Gap Tooth Slut

When a Persons to front teeth have a gap in the and they are a slut
GTS famous people anna panquin,madoona,amy wine house she has a missing tooth
by Annonomous<person November 22, 2009
a place to work at that will suck the life from your body. At GTS it is if forbidden to laugh out loud, smile in public, or tell the truth.
That poor bastard got a job at GTS, his life is basically over! but at least he can shit at work and get paid for it.
by astronaut wuzzle February 10, 2009

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