Google That Shit
look up, search on google, find an answer to any obscure question that comes up in a conversation
-who won the 1992 SuperBowl?
-F*$% if I know, gotta GTS

-Who sings that song?
-I don't know let me GTS

-is that mexican restaurant still in business?
-Wait, lemme GTS

-what names are Sean Combs and Snoop Dogg going by these days?
-no clue, I have to GTS
by LL Housewife April 25, 2013
Google That Shit
Q: How many rings does he have?

by doubled073 June 11, 2011
Google that shit!
oh man, i dont even know! GTS!
by hurricaine May 21, 2011
Google That Sh*t

Joe: Is that restaurant still open?
Jane: I don't know, GTS and let me know.

Joe: What is the name of that chick in the movie with just saw?
Jane: GTS.

(3) Joe: That's a somatoform disorder... and yes, I had to GTS. :(
giggles to self

much like "lol" but more honest
*someone's facebook status* "is poking you with a spork"
*comments* "ouch, stop that g.t.s."
by arrgsblarrg April 29, 2011
GTS, an abbreviation for Google That Shit.
I just GTSed. I'm dumbing your ass!
by Jeffery Hundberg April 17, 2011
Google That Shit
what's a McGangBang?
by Eowyn53 July 09, 2010
Google That Shit: Used to tell someone where optimal information can or was found.
Equivalent to using a dictionary to solve ones problem.
"What, you haven't heard of 2girls1cup, just go gts."

person 1: Hey, what is that one song...something up in the-
person 2: Man, I don't know. Gts!
by gingermunchies May 02, 2009

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