Google That Shit
look up, search on google, find an answer to any obscure question that comes up in a conversation
-who won the 1992 SuperBowl?
-F*$% if I know, gotta GTS

-Who sings that song?
-I don't know let me GTS

-is that mexican restaurant still in business?
-Wait, lemme GTS

-what names are Sean Combs and Snoop Dogg going by these days?
-no clue, I have to GTS
by LL Housewife April 25, 2013
Abbreviation for "Good Times."
Phil: Hey, remember that time we stole a tiger?
Alan: Yeah... GTs. Let's do that again.
by DoctorStu August 28, 2013
Gts= going to sleep. Its going to be a "Thing". use it when you wanna go to sleep and your too tired to write "going to sleep".

Could also be used as, Go to sleep

Text talk. like lol, ikr, csb ex.
Alex: It's really late man, we shud gts

Alexa: Its almost 12
Alex: ya ik srry but im gts ttyl
by Gtsmaker123 October 14, 2012
Acronym for "Google that shit." Used when you genuinely don't know information that someone is asking for or you're just too lazy to tell them.
"Yo Pierre, how many croissants can a Frenchman eat in one sitting?"
"I dunno man, GTS"

"Ay Beth, what are the hours of Big Bertha's Booty Shack?"
"GTS gurl!"
by TheFrenchman726 February 20, 2012
Google That Shit. A response to when someone asks a question and you either: A) Do not have the answer, or B) Have the answer and the question asker does not believe you.

GTS can also be used to end a sentence that is unbelievable to add credibility.
Person 1: "How many cups are in a quart"
Person 2: "GTS Baby!"


Person 1: "How many cups in a quart?"
Person 2: "Four cups."
Person 1: "Yeah right!"
Person 2: "GTS!"


Person 2: "There are four cups in a quart, GTS!"
by King Sizzle August 06, 2012
Google That Shit
Q: How many rings does he have?

by doubled073 June 11, 2011
Google that shit!
oh man, i dont even know! GTS!
by hurricaine May 21, 2011
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