someone who masturbates to drawn porn. considered a social outcast.
guy 1: my friend spends all day downloading hentai

guy 2: sounds like a total GTE
by poopgt November 21, 2009
Top Definition
Guitar Tablature Edition
I really want the Wish You Were Here GTE songbook!! It rocks!
by queen vr February 03, 2007
Gimped Tumblr Experience.
When your web browser or phone glitches the website,, displaying 20% less content than it normally should.
John wanted to find porn on tumblr, but his GTE kept him from finding all the best pictures.
by HellStoneSmith March 29, 2015
Gayest Thing Ever
Agent Fresco - Implosions it is total GTE
by kafboj June 02, 2011

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