Short form for an insult popularized by the movie mean girls, "gap-toothed bitch".
"She's a gap-toothed bitch, a real GTB"

"She was being really rude on the phone, so I just called her a GTB and hung up"

"That GTB has got nothin' on me"
by Empress R October 31, 2007
Top Definition
Gets the bitches
Natalie: "Salo hooked up with 11 girls at last nights party"
Alexis: "yee that cuz Salo gtbs.
by Drogba11 November 09, 2010
An internet acronym which tells somebody you have "Got to Boost" on Modern Warfare 2 so you are to busy for them at the present moment.

(Similar to GTG "Got to Go")
Person 1: Hey, what's your dad like?
Person 2: No time to talk now, gtb!
by Jamal P. Rakens May 12, 2010
"get that booty"
used to show your approval of someone getting ass.
"yo, is that your girl?? GTB bro!"

"dude, go talk to her, gtb cmon!"
by gtbgtb May 22, 2011
Go To Bed
Person 1- I'm so fucking tired.
Person 2- GTB.
Person 1- Alright.
by August Big Penis July 20, 2010
Go to bed
My dad just tried to wash his hands in the toilet, he needs to gtb. tired, sleepy, out of it
by Jedi99z December 09, 2014
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