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Someone who:
-Considers Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series to be their favorite game series of all time.
-Owns every GTA game (1, London, 2, III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS).
-Has beaten at least one of the games 100%.
-Has a complete hatred for every game considered a "GTA clone", and will attempt to murder anyone claiming games such as True Crime, Driver, Saints Row, and Mafia are better than GTA.
-Tries to minimize their social life as much as possible, to play more GTA.
-Loves watching news broadcasts and documentaries about how GTA is corrupting the world, because it gives them the urge to go play.
-Doesn't just like the 3D games. They also have an appreciation for the original 2D games.
-Bought a PSP specifically to play Liberty City Stories.
-Is planning on getting/has gotten an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 to play Grand Theft Auto IV.

In short, me, and thousands of others.
Archibald: Dude, James you're such a fucking dork. You never hang out with us anymore just to play that damn GTA. You're such a fuckin' GTA addict.

Dave: I know right? Bro, GTA sucks anyway, Saints Row kicks its ass to the curb and fucks its girlfriend.

(James slits Dave's throat)
by I Will Kill You March 31, 2007
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