Good times.
Mackin on that hoe was gt's last night. We should totally make her be our again sometime soon.
by King of Treats February 17, 2009
An acronym for the Canadian discount store Giant Tiger.
I went to GT yesterday and they have full candy bars for only $0.45!
by cucombre December 07, 2008
Gravity Toke: A hit out of a gravity bong or gravity toker.
"I packed you a fat GT, go hit it fool!"
by PharmaPharmer December 28, 2004
a term meaning grandma titties
Dang look at that girl she got some gt!!
by ~babygirl~ September 17, 2007
a person who has grandma titties
haha look at dat girlz GT..its all saggin to the floor and what not! lol
by ~babygirl~ September 14, 2007
1. Known as Grand Tourismo or Grand Tourer for cars. Usually sportscars. Ford Mustang GT, Ford Falcon GT.

2. A range of graphic cards released by Nvidia. There are the 6600 GT, 6800 GT and the 7800 GT and 7800 GTX. The are set usually in between the Non-Ultra and the Ultra series i.e 6800nu,6800 GT, 6800 Ultra.
1."Wow, that Mustang GT kicks ass." "Yeah, and the Falcon GT took out that little shitbox as well."

2. "Help me man, I have the cash to get a sweet graphics card to play games really well. I can afford the non-ultra, but not the Ultra. I really need the Ultra though!" Reply "Get the GT then, it's as close as you will get to an Ultra and only a little more than the Non-Ultra."
by Drunkenmasta July 23, 2005
fuck all of the other definitions that u see on this page about cars n phrases. GT means that u are guyanese, regardless of race or ethnicity. it represents the capital, Georgetown. proud to be guyanese. wun big family.
im GT.
by rasmans May 12, 2006
"Get Together"

Old BBS term for a face to face meeting/party.
We should have a GT, I'd like to meet some of these people.
by Seej October 08, 2004

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