Good times.
Mackin on that hoe was gt's last night. We should totally make her be our again sometime soon.
by King of Treats February 17, 2009
short for "get the fuck out" so you're saying "get the"
"we GTed from there" "this party is lame. Let's GT"
by roni~Gurl April 30, 2008
green thumb. to like to garden. gardening.
to water girls with the hose.
peter file.
"i love GT"
by eckyyyyy August 17, 2009
Short for Guiena Top a.k.a. wife beater or any tank top that is technically underwear but is worn as a regular t shirt.
This guy was rockin'the GT in the Casino in February. Now thats hardcore!
by Von Swing February 20, 2010
Grav Time
"I'm in such a bad mood. I need some GT!"
by machupeechu October 13, 2009
Girl Talk aka keeping it real.
GT is more fun when my breasts are tender!
by David October 04, 2007
Groping and Touching
A number typically follows the GT indicating what time the groping and touching would take place.
1. Man, me and Jenny did GT7 last week.

Dude, wtf, me and Jenny did GT3 2 weeks ago!

2. Guess what, me and Mark are guna GT9 tomorrow.

Haha, I did GT9 yesterday MORNIN!
by GTaddict May 27, 2010
Gifted and Talented. It's a special program for kids that have a above average IQ and learn/think differently. In elementary, the GT kids usually go to a special class once a week and learn random things not taught in the regular curriculum.
Why does everybody think that the GT kids are so weird?
by WibbleTheFisch October 23, 2007
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