Good times.
Mackin on that hoe was gt's last night. We should totally make her be our again sometime soon.
by King of Treats February 17, 2009
girl talk
Alright ladies, its time for some serious gt.
by Emilycracker August 04, 2008
an abbreviation for "Giant Tool"
GT : Hey i bend over for everyone...i need to learn how to hop off everybody's dick.

Everyone who come into contact with this individual: We know your a GT.

GT : Sometimes its hard for me to make friends without kissing ass and sucking huge cock.

Everyone who comes into contact with this individual: GT please stop sucking so much dick. Man up and formulate your own opinion for once...Honestly your embarrassing yourself.
by the exhorterr February 21, 2011
Google Translate
Dude: WTF does this mean? i can't read it!
Dude2: GT it
Dude: ok
by Xathanos November 28, 2010
group therapy
come on! we're going to be late for gt!
by ohyakrystinya November 12, 2010
Girl talk. Of course you're going to gossip bother before and after having a girl talk, so you definitely don't have the time to type out those 8 letters. GT makes it easier.

Thank you lazy modern society.
Lyk3 omg, we need 2 gt N0W.
by pshsx1 June 10, 2009
stands for gay tendencies. said when one of your friends is acting gay or saying gay things.
Kyle: you want a hug, man?

Gus: that's freakin GT bro, get the hell away from me.
by thezorak July 13, 2011
Game Tape.

When you record a sporting event in order to watch it later without commercials, you are building up GT, or game tape.
"Ah man I hate this commercial. Why does the NBA have so many timeouts"
"Don't worry man we got GT, I can skip this noise."
by My Initials are JC May 22, 2009

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