get some fucken skillz
<d33> how do i maek teh webpaeg redirect????!!
<qui> gsfs
by easileigh April 25, 2003
It is an acronym for Gorgeous, Stunning, Flawless. To be used as a positive expression.
The pictures from this magazine photoshoot are GSF!
by aicetera September 08, 2010
An internet forum where everyone queues to sneak into Revolver Ocelot's bedroom and rape his skinny white arse.
Sargasm: I sneak into Ocelot's house and rape him.

Dracion: You too?!

I always wondered why he walked like a cowboy sitting on a horse...

The Flaming Jalapeno: Revolver Ocelot snuck into my room one night and raped me.

Captain Horag: Honestly, who here doesn't rape Ocelot at night? Show of hands please.

MarioKartLady: Yes, everyone has raped Ocelot. Enough already!
by The Incredible Popeman April 07, 2005
An internet forum that exist soley for the purpose of luring albin0_boy to having sex with 10 men at the same time.
I think FBI wants to close down GSF :(
by Gay Anvil November 17, 2003
IRC channel for fgts to congregate and share pictures of goatse.
<GSF00033> I just had a mantrain on my webcam
<CaribbeanCool> GG @ BTF
<Leo|Home> wtf is 'poj'po?
by B_ond October 31, 2004
"Girls suck forever" a popular song by the band MXPX.
Man, screw love, I shall join GSF.
by drozz August 19, 2003
An internet forum where pedophiles find children to rape
Shai told me that GSF was the best place to find fresh young'uns to rape.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003

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