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Group slut fic. Refers to a type of erotic fanfiction in which any and all members of a particular (usually all male) ensemble cast have crazy sex with each other. Probably originated in popslash fandom.
OMG, I just read the hottest GSF. All the members of *nsync were having hot mansex to the sweet strains of "This I Promise You!"
by iguessnot July 02, 2006
The Grove Street Families of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Sweet, CJ's brother, is the leader of GSF, although CJ is the brains behind the organization.
oh yeah GSF for life!
by Bob February 21, 2005
It's not "Girls Suck Forever," it's Girls Shmirls Foundation. Get it right or pay the price.
I'm joining GSF, I've made up my mind. Forget this thing called love, it's a waste of time.
by Joel November 17, 2004
Gangus Strike Force

G.S.F serves and protects the community agains gangus people. If a gangus person is spotted in a public place, G.S.F is informed, and they remove the person from the area by any means Necessary.
person 1: ew look at that gangus bitch
person 2: call G.S.F before its to late
by El-raaa August 04, 2007
Get Some Factor. The ability of any person to 'get some' (ie. get some pussy) at a particular party, event or club. Particularly used if the pussy on offer is hottttttt.
a: What was the party like last night?
b: Oh dude! The g.s.f. was huge!
a: Yeah I thought u looked happy.
by j*f July 18, 2003
Give a shit factor
Jim: "Can you get that report done?"
Bob: "Man, with it being so close to the holidays, my GSF is low. Can it wait till Monday?"
by onesmartcookie38 December 27, 2011
get some fucken skillz
<d33> how do i maek teh webpaeg redirect????!!
<qui> gsfs
by easileigh April 25, 2003
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