A cheerful Scottish person.
What a pleasure it was working with that grogan.
by AlexisHUGE April 26, 2013
It's when your taking a dump in the toilet and someone knocks on the cubicle door and you get so startled your ass sucks the poo back in
"I was in the toilet and someone knocked on the door and scared the crap out of me...bloody made me do a grogan"
by DimSumDom August 03, 2009
wiping backwards so that when your partner gives you a blowjob they get a nice surprise
For Valentines day I gave my wife a grogan she will never forget!
by Rob nom nom nom February 13, 2008
"A spa for the balls"
A grogen consists of a male or female gargling a various liquid and then their partners testicles are dipped into the liquid. This will create a spa like environment for the testicles to rest in.
A painful grogen is when the giver of the grogen chokes on the liquid and closes their mouth quickly, potentially harming the receiver.

The most coveted grogen are given by elderly individuals. Also known as the "senior grogen", these grogens are world renowned throughout nursing homes.
"Yo that girl gave me the best caramel grogan"
by Stigggy August 07, 2007
a turd that makes a kerplop sound when it hits the toilet
by jm August 22, 2003
A very obese and ugly girl, who dances with anyone on the dancefloor.
Man 1 : She wasn't too bad...
Man 2 : Dude that bitch was a total grogan!
by beelzeek81 November 07, 2006
A little Irish man that loves to eat candy, hope around the office like a retard and has a really mean wife
Look, that guy is making a grogan of himself again.
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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